River of Destiny Community Church began in 2012 with a vision to reach out to the people of South Chennai. RODCC aims to become a church where men, women and children could find salvation in Christ, be led to grow in Christian maturity and find their life purpose.

RODCC is a daughter church of River of Destiny Ministries (Egmore) .

Our journey began in January 2012, with our vision to “Grow in His values & Gather His flocks”.

Our theme for 2013 is “Work out to Work in” taken from the letter to the Philippians (2:12). The Apostle Paul mentions to “workout your salvation…” Much like how a professional wrestler works out every day to keep fit, so also must we believers, work out to allow Jesus to work in our lives through the power of God’s Holy Spirit.

RODCC 2012 Highlights:

1. RODCC Picnic
We went on a day’s trip to a beach resort on ECR. As a new church, this was one of our first events and it gave us a meaningful time of fun and fellowship.

2. Sparklers .. icon
Sparklers is an initiative aimed at bringing kids from the locality nearby together for a time of singing, storytelling, art and craft.

3. Single Men’s retreat
The single men’s retreat was conducted at the Scripture Union camp site, Mamallapuram for the ‘wild at heart’ to equip them to be men of God. This get-away included outdoor activities, great food, engaging worship, and power packed messages of conviction.

4. Marriage Workshop
The marriage workshop was a one day event conducted in the month of August. Jacob & Rani, our resource personnel from Scripture Union conducted this workshop. Besides our own young marrieds, we had some new couples also come and attend it.

5. Family Camp
“100 % Empowered to Act”, was this year’s theme for the family camp conducted in October. The camp saw a large congregation coming together for a time of personal enrichment with games, a good dash of family bonding, heart rending worship and soul stirring messages by reputed speakers. The camp culminated with two people cementing their faith in the Lord.

6. Christmas Carols
As a church with community focus, we were able to organize carol visits, not to our own homes, but to members of the church and other visitors to spread the true joy and meaning of Christmas.

Cell Groups

a. Arbeitsplatz
Arbeitsplatz means ‘workplace’ in German. The average person spends up to 50% – 70% of their waking time at work. Most people see work as a necessary evil, while for others it consumes their life. No matter how we see it, the truth is we have a great opportunity to influence others at work. The work we are called to do has eternal significance. Thus Arbeitsplatz aims at living out your faith and calling at work.
Professionals working in companies located nearby join here for a time of worship and learning during lunch break.
Time and day: 1:30-2:00pm, Thursdays
Venue: at RODCC, 219, 1st Main Road, Kamakoti Nagar, Pallikarnai, Chennai-100

b. Wednesday Cell@ Jabez & Sharon’s
Time: 7.30pm
Address: Plot no. 81, Flat F2, Shakti Ishwarya Homes, Viduthalai nagar, 1st Street, Sunnambu Kulathur, Kovilambakkam, Chennai-117.