House Church:

Small Beginnings: A House Church in Anna Nagar, Chennai
In all God’s faithfulness, we see a river today where once only a few droplets trickled by… twelve years ago, to be precise. Having received a vision for church planting way back in 1995 through a prophetic word, followed by other similar words and dreams, we began as a small house church in a 2BHK in Shanti Colony, Anna Nagar.

A 24/7 thing:

Small Beginnings: Youth & Food

If you’ve been in Chennai long enough you’d know that if you threw a stone, you’d hit a church! Since there’s no dearth of them, we had to ask ourselves, “Why another church?” Well, we reckon we’d be a 24/7 kind of church. Since then we’ve been making a difference in the lives of those individuals who need a place to belong by opening up our homes, like hostelites and young adults, for instance. Besides, seekers in search of the Truth needed and still need a safe haven where they could air their views, have their deepest questions answered and be accepted no matter what their life stories are. Thirdly, we cater to young families, especially through our marriage and parenting workshops. Our values would further explain why church happens round the clock for us, not just on Sundays.

Our Name: River of Destiny:

‘River’ represents the Spirit of God who richly floods our life with God’s goodness. ‘Destiny’ stands for the destination that every individual would reach by fulfilling his/her calling, culturally juxtaposed to the common belief in fate.