Financial Advice (inc. debt-free living)

We could all do better with a li’l input on how well we could spend money or should we say, save it. Besides if you’re in debt, you’d learn how to get out of it. If you’re a working professional or family man / woman, then this would be a ‘must-attend’.

Pre-marital Counselling

Premarital CounsellingMore often than not counselling is viewed as a patient visiting a doc… You don’t go for a check up unless there’s some problem right? Not so with marriage counselling. Every marriage is under attack! Almost every marriage faces the threat of crash landing some time or the other. Our experienced marriage counsellors will certainly ensure you are well prepared for the challenges so you’d have a soft landing!

Career Guidance

Career Workshop by Vimal & PriyaWe have experienced working professionals to help you make the right choice regarding career. We offer need based help as well as conduct workshops from time to time. We start with helping you draft a resume, hone interview skills, besides prepare you for and help you cope with the corporate culture through specialized training programmes, even after you get the job.

Purpose Mantra

This is a success workshop to help you discover your potential and know your purpose in life. You’d agree that life is more than eating, drinking, working, playing and sleeping. We’ll help you discover what on earth are you here for.

Health & Diet

Health & Diet AdviceWhen we can offer ‘chicken soup for the soul’ and ‘soup for the spirit’, how can we leave the body behind? We have qualified dieticians to help you life a healthy life. The Bible tells us “our bodies are the temple of the Lord” so it is important for us live right, don’t you think?

For counselling and assistance in any of these areas, please feel free to get in touch with us.