Come on, you call yourselves a ‘church’! How come I don’t see a cross or Bible verse anywhere?

You’re right! We don’t have any of these traditional symbols. The Bible says in Galatians 3:13, “cursed is everyone who hangs on a ‘tree’ (meaning ‘cross’). Well, would you fancy wearing an electric chair albeit a miniature one, around your neck or have it hanging on your wall? The cross is symbolic of Christ’s redemptive work for each of us no doubt, but that doesn’t make it an object of worship nor do we need tangible evidence of God’s presence in any form. That would be another contradiction of Scripture (Exodus 20: 4) which underlines the fact that revering any carved or engraved image is deplorable to God. Finally as God is Spirit, how can we attribute a form to Him? In fact, the Bible considers us blessed because we believe in God even when we don’t see Him.

When it comes to Bible verse plaques and frames, we’d rather have them written on our hearts!

What denomination are you?

Ok, we call ourselves Charismatic Evangelicals. ‘Charisma’ denotes ‘gifts’. We believe that every person has a gift /gifts, which is/ are meant to build up the church. Thus we encourage and equip ordinary church folk to function accordingly. So rather than being structured or rigid, we concentrate on the move of the Spirit of God, who can use anyone willing to listen to Him, not just the pastor or leaders.

Do you have branch churches elsewhere?

In Chennai: check
ROD Community Church (RODCC), Pallikarnai, Chennai South.
Club Infinity Youth Church, Chetpet, Chennai

Other States: check our affiliation website:

Can I bring my non-Christian friends to church?

Of course you can. It may be good for you to discern which of the events or course would best suit them, especially if they’ve never been to a church before. (Check our calendar). If in doubt you could always check with any of our ushers.

I’m new to Christianity. Am I allowed to read the Bible on my own? If so, how should I go about it?

Of course you can read the Bible. If you are new, we recommend The Good News Bible, which is a simple version. You could start with John’s gospel, found in the New Testament (the second division of the Bible), or even the Book of Psalms, which is simple poetry which contains man’s feelings addressed to God, and even God’s responses to man.

How much should I pay to become a member of this church?

Sweet nothing!! Your only qualification to become a member of ROD is your sweet presence. Period!

Sorry to ask, but does your church have a graveyard?

You bet! We have networked with churches locally to help provide such services and we have conducted such events in the past.

What is CLUB Infinity? Do you guys run a club?

Well, you could call it that. We believe that going to bars and discos leave you feeling empty at the end of the day. So we’ve designed a hangout place where you could chill out, be yourself, get to know others like you, play games and just have a whale of a time. Can’t say anything more…you’ll have to be there to know if we truly care.

Give me a sample of your service.

A typical Sunday morning service lasts for 2hrs and 15min, commencing at 10:00 am.
Prayer, provoking thought, or an exhortation followed by praise and worship.
Spoofs, skits, choreography, etc.
Word – bite-sized and applicable for daily living
Praying for individuals
Refreshment and fellowship