Are we all enjoying the freedom in all its totality? Wished life was a cakewalk…hassle free, stress free, right? Stress makes one sometimes do stuff, that causes shame, pain and regret afterwards. More often than not a behavior pattern even turns out to be addictive and one is not sure how to break free. Our job is to help people BEAT IT!

No, no! No one has to run…we together work towards giving the addiction a run, be it:

chemical abuse
sexual dysfunction
marriage issues
work stress
parenting crisis

…to name a few; which in turn affect one’s walk with God, work, marriage, family, etc.

Beat It – Help & Counselling

Our trained counselors provide the needed assistance in all confidentiality to help the individual break free. We are committed to seeing every individual live life the way Christ meant for them. We have a 9-week course to help you gain freedom called “Beat it program”, an in-depth study using Scriptures, to help you break free from any addiction what so ever.

If you need help beating it, feel free to contact us any time.