Phase 1: Joshua Nxt & Esther Challenge

We conduct a 6-weekend exclusive training course for men called Joshua Nxt and a similar one exclusively for women called Esther Challenge. This track is open for anyone who desires to mature in their faith further, having discovered their calling get equipped to fulfil it.

The course includes 3-4 day outdoor field training.

We believe in raising up indigenous servant leaders. Our church culture warrants team leadership, which means we don’t end up depending on or giving importance to only one person, say the pastor.

Topics include:

Leadership Development Session

Developing the leader in you
Discipleship & Mentoring
Spiritual disciplines: prayer, personal devotion, etc.
Homiletics: art of preaching
Such training programs in the past have produced dynamic team leaders who are raring to go places for God today.

So do you want to be part of the Dream Team? Contact us if interested.