Phase 2:

Every disciple is empowered 100% in the 3-pronged approach to rescue, rebuild and restore.

This is the right time for you to get involved in our mission to rescue (the lost from a Christ-less eternity), rebuild (broken lives/homes that have been damaged in the past, including those marginalized) and restore (God’s Kingdom order that has been compromised).

We reckon church is more than what happens within the four walls of the sanctum sanctorum. The church is a place where each member gets re-charged to go into the world: be it the workplace, home, neighbourhood or community to be a dynamic influence.

We Are the Salt of The EarthPinch of Salt:

Just as salt has its myriad properties like enhancing flavour, preserve or bind, act as catalyst in fermenting, melt ice, be a cleansing agent, extinguish a flame, not to forget its umpteen healing properties; and is so readily available, we too can and are meant to make a difference each in our sphere of influence, in every way possible.


We’re talking about rescuing the lost by sharing the good news of Jesus to those in cruel bondage. We are conscious of those we pass by almost every day.

Even within our own circle of friends and acquaintances there are those who do not share our hope and freedom, and so struggle with low self esteem and face an uncertain future.

Our mandate is to plant churches in cities and villages (coming up exclusive reach to rural & vernacular centres).


Rebuild the local community by giving the poor a livelihood, a means to a healthy and stable life.

Social Initiative:

Right now we’ve begun work outside the Egmore Station in caring for the homeless. This happens through our social initiative “Poorniyati”.

You are welcome to partner by supporting financially or volunteer with us in transforming our neighbourhood.


Kingdom order in avenues outside church such as the government, education sector, art, media, sports, etc.

Work in Progress:

Education Sector:

Value Education:

We work with schools to offer value education to high school students, through a 14-hour curriculum called Proteen. (Refer brochure)


Our creative young minds have come together to influence this niche sector in unique ways. Well, certainly a work in progress! Stay tuned to our updates on our website, FB, etc.

If you would like to volunteer or support us financially, please contact us.