Every Person Counts:

We are an out-of-the-box church: creative and contemporary. We are a charismatic, evangelistic, missional church: more of a “go and be” rather than a “come and see” sort of church. You’d find us just an ordinary bunch of people, raring to go places for God; broken vessels, or should we say ‘cracked pots’ — sans masks whom God uses. An integral part of ROD’s existence is that every person counts, and has a role. This makes us whole.


Like our homes, our lives are also open and transparent. We are convinced that as God’s called out people, reaching our destiny calls for this three-pronged approach: intervention (divine), input (from leaders and mentors) and introspection (personal). We are quite a down to earth lot, more interested in how following Jesus works in real life than how it works in theory. So even our services are pretty informal, no rigid rules! It’s quite okay to be relaxed and even have a good laugh.

A Place to Be______:

We consider every individual who walks into our church or home as God-sent. This gives us an opportunity to instill intrinsic value in them which could have been stolen during childhood, stormy circumstances or broken relationships. So relationships are top priority, and so everyone gets a chance to firstly begin their journey with God even if it means a second chance, secondly, find a place to belong and finally, become what God wants them to be.